Cameron Taylor

I'm pretty good at typing at a computer. Usually it does what I tell it to.

About Me

I am a Software Engineer who is passionate about learning and applying new technologies to solve a variety of problems. I work professionally on Microsoft's Industry Solutions Engineering (ISE) team where I help solve the toughest technical challenges that companies are facing in the modern Cloud Computing landscape. Through this work, I have gained a wide range of experience as a Software Engineer.

Additionally, I am part of the Worldspinner team. We develop a variety of tools that empower gamers to build people, cultures, and worlds for their table top role playing games. Our most recent project is PortraitWorks.

When I am not working with software, I enjoy gaming, cooking, skiing, speed cubing, and music. Most recently, I started learning Guitar.

Blog Posts & Thoughts

Miscellaneous thoughts and articles by me.