Cameron Taylor

I'm pretty good at typing at a computer. Usually it does what I tell it to.


Published Apr 10, 2020

I recently created a personal dotfiles repository to store my personalized configurations and settings for the tools I use. I put a lot of effort into customizing my development tools and I have received a lot of compliments on my terminal, VSCode setup, and vim configuration.

Here are some previews of what I look at while I write code.

ZSH Theme

I built this ZSH Theme from scratch. It took a while to strike a balance between useful information and spacious layout without taking up too much space in the terminal. This theme shows the current user, current directory (collapsed), git repo information, and the active python virtual environment. The prompt line lives under that information to make it easier to use a narrower window without dealing with word wrap. It also shows failed exit codes and injects an extra newline between commands to visually separate two REPL loops.


NeoVim Configuration

I recently got the bright idea to attempt to use vim as my primary text editor. VSCode felt like it was slowly getting bit bulky and sluggish when working on a large project with a lot of extensions. I decided to build an IDE-like experience in myself using vim and tmux, but haven’t been able to get it to the point where it is as useful as VSCode. I may revisit this in the future!

Some notable plugins:


VSCode Setup

VSCode has been my primary editor for years. I love its flexibility for working on projects in a variety of languages and technologies. It also has a very good vim plugin (I can’t write code without vim navigation). Over time, my VSCode setup has become highly customized.