Cameron Taylor

I'm pretty good at typing at a computer. Usually it does what I tell it to.

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Cameron Taylor's personal website
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My GitHub Profile


nvchad's base46 theme plugin
My personal dotfiles repository
Shell 1 0
miscellaneous spotify scripts
JavaScript 0 0
A discord bot for managing the AltoidMojito Minecraft server.
JavaScript 1 1
Reference vscode debugging configurations for various languages.
TypeScript 0 0
A sandbox Capacitor application for experimentation
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Capacitor plugin to activate extra media features
Following Sebastian Lague's Procedural Planets series
:sparkles: Monorepo for all the tooling which enables ESLint to support TypeScript
:octocat: GitHub VS Code Theme for iTerm
Rules engine for cloud security, cost optimization, and governance, DSL in yaml for policies to query, filter, and take actions on resources
Python 0 0
Azure Quickstart Templates
PowerShell 0 0
Don't Repeat Yourself!
Java 0 0
Class assignment for CPE 473
POV-Ray SDL 0 0
Three dimensional line interval convolution
Python 0 0
My custom programming language!
Yacc 0 0
A virtual dice rolling simulator.
fall2016-project-axis7818 created by GitHub Classroom
Java 0 0
A timer to measure Rubik's Cube solves.
JavaScript 0 0
A desktop application that facilitates Sm4sh events and organizes games
Code for stat 312 project
A wrapper engine to monogame
WebGL Blending Tools